Sodium Sulfate Mine and Anhydrous Crystal Production Project

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Thermal Kinetics Engineering has recently completed design and supply of equipment for the production of anhydrous sodium sulfate.

crystallization equipmentOur involvement included preparation of the processing plant’s material and energy balance, design layout of all major equipment from receipt of raw ore, ore dissolving, purification, clarification, crystallization, centrifugation, and drying operations.

We designed and supplied the evaporative crystallization equipment including heat exchangers, crystal bodies, axial flow pumps, controls, and supporting equipment. The system was configured as a quadruple effect operation for minimum steam usage. Advanced controls and processing allows crystal size distribution to be managed by operations. Each effect operates at a different temperature influencing crystal growth and nucleation kinetics. Control of slurry density and crystallizer body levels for each effect balances the temperature impact for consistent crystal size control in each effect.

The plant is nearing completion of construction for Somin Compañia Minera in Hermosillo, Sonora, Mexico.

Advanced Bioeconomy Leadership Conference

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The Advanced Bioeconomy  Leadership Conference took place in Washington, DC on March 11 – 13th.

bioeconomy expertsIt was a mind boggling gathering of the best and brightest executives in the renewables sector. The hot topic was low cost oil, but most remain steadfast on their chosen path, although financing may be even tougher to land. This most interesting article speaks directly to the impact of oil prices and an emerging industry that remains resolute.

The (oil price) Crash of ’14: what lessons can we learn?

As part of our Silver Level Sponsorship we had a total of six passes. Thanks to the idea of our Board Advisor Bob Helenbrook (former President ATSI Engineering) we used four of our passes for our clients and business allies. Chris Brown (TKE – President) and Steve Healey (TKE – Director of Business Development) were privileged to be joined by:

  1. Arnold R. Klann, CEO/President, Bluefire Renewables, Inc.
  3. Michele Jalbert, COO, RE:CHEM
  4. Thomas D. Kohler, Director, Downs Rachlin Martin PLLC

As interesting as this crew was it was enhanced even more when Brian invited his friend James Woolsey, Jr. to join us. As soon as the conference organizer Jim Lane realized James was at the conference he was asked to give a short talk on this topic:

Turning Oil Into Salt: Energy Independence Through Fuel Choice

James’s talk was most entertaining and enlightening. And as if this wasn’t enough imagine going out to dinner with this group of players joined by James Woolsey. It was fascinating!

We hope to see you at the next ABLC.


Steve Healey
Director Business Development
Thermal Kinetics Engineering, PLLC