We’re a Sponsor of the Advanced Bioeconomy Leadership Conference 2017

This year’s Advanced Bioeconomy Leadership Conference (ABLC) will take place March 1-3, 2017 at the Mayflower Hotel in Washington, DC. ABLC is a connected series of five individual conferences (The Advanced Fuels Summit, the Renewable Chemicals Summit, the Aviation Biofuels Summit, the Gas Conversion & Markets Summit and ABLC Feedstock). Thermal Kinetics is proud to be one of the silver sponsors of ABLC, where attendees will have the opportunity to engage in a dialogue with fellow biofuel experts concerning the issues related to the advanced Bioeconomy industry.


Exploring New Energy Crops

There is a growing debate within the biofuel industry over whether corn and grain should be used for fuel or only as food. That said, being that there are large government subsidies for farmers to grow corn for ethanol, it turns out that it’s actually a more lucrative option for the agriculture industry to continue using their corn for fuel.

New energy crops aren’t just corn or grain-based fuel ethanol. People are already creating cellulosic ethanol from grasses, wood and algae. This is just one pertinent issue that speakers at the ABLC will address as they share new alternatives to growing new energy crops as well as finding more solutions for producing sustainable energy.

Fortunately, Thermal Kinetics has already created cellulosic systems to extract ethanol to address the growing need to get ethanol from crops other than corn for locations not suitable for the growth of corn. One of our projects was to create a Pilot Plant Scale Molecular Sieve Dehydration System. This system has unique low pressure adsorption to 8 psig with low moisture less than 0.5% achieved.

About Thermal Kinetics

We work to develop innovative processes for the conversion of biomass to chemicals and fuel. Through our expertise, we continuously adapt to and design for the various challenging physical properties associated with biomass derived mixtures, which sets our company apart from competitors.

Thermal Kinetics is a full service engineering, development and system design firm. We happily provide unique, cost-effective equipment and process solutions to our customers. Request a quote today to find out more information about our products and services.

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