Thermal Kinetics is an equipment and systems supplier – comprised of a select team of professional engineers, designers, specialists and teaming partners that are experts at optimizing integrated process systems.


Our core strength is in equipment design for heat and mass transfer including evaporation, distillation, adsorption (MSUs), absorption (scrubbers) and other separations technologies.

A suite of powerful tools are employed to develop, implement and ensure the success of our projects. This suite includes best practice tools (Front End Loading – FEL, Value Improving Practices – VIPs) and design tools (AutoCad Plant 3D and Smart PID systems, ChemCad, Aspen, TASC+, Proprietary Spreadsheets and in-house programs).


Thermal Kinetics has particularly excelled in development of innovative processes for the conversion of biomass to chemicals and fuel. It is our ability to understand, adapt to and design for the various challenging physical properties associated with biomass derived mixtures that sets us apart.

When all these capabilities are coupled with our mindset of equipment design and process systems integration we deliver maximum financial return for our clients.