Process Evaluation and Development

We are constantly working with our customers to determine the most cost-effective process solutions, based on the conditions that need to be met. We also can assist in the initial development of a process to achieve a specific outcome by utilizing tools such as pilot plant testing, advanced simulation programs and many years of field experience.

Process Design

Utilizing the most current process design concepts along with 3-D modeling programs and simulation software, Thermal Kinetics has the expertise to evaluate everything from a new process concept to working with an existing facility for a modification or expansion project. Our many years of experience and process knowledge has kept our customers coming back when new projects arise.

Pilot Plant Testing

Thermal Kinetics offers pilot plant testing for all of our market sectors. This testing can be an invaluable tool in helping a customer that is developing a new process or looking at what might happen during full-scale production. Very few companies have the ability to offer such a full, diverse range of testing and product evaluation.

Field Services

From site visit/verifications to process equipment start-up, Thermal Kinetics will be your partner for in-the-field assistance. We have the technical expertise to help with many questions that come up in the field and will work with you to solve issues, whether it is in regards to process performance, utility usage or maintenance questions.

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Energy efficiency is frequently achieved through process integration and TKE’s DDE design is no exception. But highly integrated process are sometimes hard to troubleshoot. In every instance in which Calgren has been baffled by DDE process issues and found it necessary to reach out to TKE for assistance, they have responded with sage and knowledgeable advice.

– Lyle J. Schlyer, President of
Calgren Renewable Fuels

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  • Chemical

    Chemicals & Polymer Processors

    We assist in the development of innovative processes for chemical and polymer processors. Thermal Kinetics has expertise working to provide modular, double effect caustic soda (NaOH) evaporators to providing modular sorbitol concentration skids.

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  • Food Processing

    Food Processing

    As a leader in fluid technologies and energy-saving processes, Thermal Kinetics can assist with food process applications. Within this industry, Thermal Kinetics has worked on solutions for breweries, distilleries, beverage, dairy, fats/oils processing, animal byproducts, and sweetener producers.

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  • Renewable Fuels

    Renewable Fuels

    Thermal Kinetics has demonstrated experience in the renewable fuels industry, serving our clients and furthering advanced solutions for energy independence. Ultimately creating successful operating facilities that are engineered, supplied, and commissioned as traditional or DD&E plants.

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  • Metal Processing

    Metal Processing

    For the metal processing industry, Thermal Kinetics offers emissions control systems for aluminum rolling mills, chemical recoveries and associated chemical services for steel processors, and recovery of chemicals and waste streams from manufacturing processes.

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  • Pharmaceutical


    Thermal Kinetics works within the pharmaceutical industry by providing a variety of process solutions. Some specific industry solutions include evaporator equipment, and draft tube crystallizer equipment.

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Thermal Kinetics Patents for
Advanced Biofuels

One of the critical components that enables our clients to gain every possible competitive advantage is the intellectual property (IP) we offer through our industrially proven patents.