Thermal Kinetics is a full service firm specializing in the development, design, and engineering of process equipment, particularly those for distillation, dehydration and evaporation. Working with us, you get more than a design contractor — you get a partner for every step of the process.

We put that same first-to-last dedication into everything we do, including process design — we break up the development into several steps to ensure that the designs are truly the best that they can be.

Process Evaluation

First, Thermal Kinetics engineers carefully evaluate and analyze the overall “big picture” of your process design requirements. Your project goals and constraints, along with physical facility considerations, are balanced with practical consideration for operating and capital costs. Many evaluation and design proposals include payback estimates for each process option, as appropriate.

Design Methodology


At Thermal Kinetics, we utilize a variety of high-performance tools to help formulate process designs, including process simulation software.

The use of programs such as Aspen, ChemCad, and our own proprietary software allows for efficient and accurate process development. These tools guide material and energy balances, process thermodynamics, accurate equipment sizing, controls dynamics, and more. This, combined with years of real-world process knowledge, allows us to focus on developing the best process solutions.

However, we know from experience that not all processes can be modeled accurately within simulation software; adsorption and crystallization processes, for example, are not suited for development through such programs. In these cases, we either modify the base parameters within the software or utilize custom design software and spreadsheets to fine-tune our process design.

Good process design cannot be performed in a vacuum. Thermal Kinetics’ staff of experienced plant start-up and operation personnel will review each of our process designs to ensure that all aspects have been covered. When needed, we perform pilot plant testing on customer samples. Experience has shown that there is no substitute for solid operational data.

The Thermal Kinetics Advantage

Thermal Kinetics partners with both your business and our approved vendors to develop the single best solution for your facility. Our foundation in process development, engineering practice, equipment design, and plant operation uniquely positions us as capable, trustworthy project partners. Our dedication to you is our highest priority.

Following the design stage, Thermal Kinetics provides installation supervision and start-up assistance. This ensures that the equipment and piping are properly installed and that the start-up is a smooth, streamlined experience.

We make every effort to provide a process design and accompanying equipment designs that allow for maximum operational flexibility. Typically, there is significant variability in plant conditions, whether from production demands, raw material characteristics, or operator performance and plant practices. Robust processes must be able to respond to these variables.

Even after the installation is complete, Thermal Kinetics remains involved. We offer training on both the operation and maintenance of the equipment for plant personnel and ensure our availability for questions and assistance after the project is finished. Your success is our prime directive.

To learn more about Thermal Kinetics’ process design services, contact us today.