At Thermal Kinetics, our team manages pilot plant testing and performance improvement programs to help manufacturers and OEMs scale up their systems to larger facilities and identify opportunities for process enhancements. No matter where your plant is in its lifecycle, we can provide services to optimize your equipment performance and enhance profitability for your business.

Pilot plant testing helps customers to mitigate risks and plan for success, as processes are largely scale-dependent and change with size. For customers looking to scale up their facilities, we can design and test smaller pilot plants to simulate and study these changes. Collecting and analyzing data such as byproduct quality, amount of waste generated, heat buildup, and raw material usage will help customers run a safe and optimized facility when it is time to move up.

On-Site Insights

50 gallon GLS Reaction system

Our team also makes site visits to existing plants to provide firsthand feedback on performance improvement opportunities. Working closely alongside the facility’s plant managers, operators, and maintenance staff, we gather operational, equipment, and process information to assess the current heat and material balance.

With this data, we then use software and a heat exchanger rating to compare it to the optimal rate, as well as the industry standard. Through these assessments, we identify recurring issues and root causes of system failures to develop a targeted plan for improvement.

For brand new plants, we can design and install fully integrated equipment systems for operations such as process evaporation, distillation, adsorption drying systems, and specialized process systems. Our equipment solutions are available as complete on-site builds, as well as modular skid mounted systems, constructed almost entirely at our own facility and delivered to the customer’s plant.

To learn more about our diverse pilot plant testing, plant performance improvement, and fully integrated process equipment systems, contact Thermal Kinetics today.