New Plants

Thermal Kinetics offers fully integrated process equipment systems development, detailed equipment design and supply, as well as start-up services. Projects are conducted in an on-site erection and commissioning approach or supplied as fully modularized skid mounted systems.


Thermal Kinetics provides a number of core technologies, designs, and process operations including:

Existing Plants

As a compliment to new equipment systems supply we also offer a plant performance improvement service. We can identify the root cause of serious plant issues, like reoccurring fouling and other bottlenecks, and then recommend solutions. We work closely with your plant manager, operators and maintenance staff to collect process documentation, operational information and equipment details.

Then we use the information and insight gained, in conjunction with simulation software, to develop a heat and material balance based on the current configuration and performance. We then compare that to equipment capabilities and industry standard performance using heat exchanger rating and sizing software, among other tools, to identify opportunities for improvement. From this, a plan is developed with you that is specific to your needs and will increase profitability.

Fuel Ethanol Plants

Thermal Kinetics has provided this service to a number of plants. We have supplied complete DD&E systems, including our proprietary patented processes, to eight separate facilities over the past ten years. With this comes a detailed understanding of all aspects of this area of an ethanol production plant. We have developed proprietary modeling software for the performance of molecular sieve dehydration systems. This is the only known software developed specifically for PVSA in ethanol dehydration based on kinetic data.