Thermal Kinetics has always taken the position that, when we engage in a project with a client, we are entering into a long-term partnership. This includes being supportive of and available to our customers long after a project is completed.

This was our approach when we were founded in 1999, and it remains our approach today as an industry leader and full service provider of process equipment, design and engineering.

oil-dist-drop-in-place-copyStaying on Schedule

Projects are always filled with critical deadlines, coordination of multiple vendors and on-site contractors, and the ever-present question: “When can we go into production?”

The engineers at Thermal Kinetics are sensitive to these important issues. Not only are they experienced in designing and quoting process equipment and systems, but they also have extensive field experience. They have worked hand-in-hand with plant personnel to get systems up and running in a timely manner in the face of expected and unexpected challenges alike.

With start-up timing in mind, our team develops detailed plans for the coordination of equipment deliveries and assembly to minimize the chances of last minute surprises. Working with our partners from the conceptualization of a project to “pushing the button” to begin production, there is nobody better to have on your team than Thermal Kinetics.

Additional Field Services

Our services don’t stop at installation.

Many process equipment providers do not have the ability to work with equipment or systems that they did not provide themselves — but Thermal Kinetics does. A smooth production process often requires complex process and equipment integrations, so our engineers have the ability to assist with troubleshooting, as well as recommending equipment modifications for existing equipment that we did not originally design and manufacture.

We can also provide comprehensive site evaluations, most commonly in the event that a client is considering a plant capacity expansion. An engineering team member will visit the client’s facility to review and make recommendations related to space logistics, possible equipment modifications or upgrades, and more. Plus, as a full service provider of process equipment with established design and procurement capabilities, we can also offer great post-evaluation services.

Integrations and evaluations are only two of a wide range of field services Thermal Kinetics offers.

Other field service offerings include:

  • Plant and process evaluation and recommendations
  • Plant and process optimization, such as:
  • Contractor coordination and installation supervision
  • Process and unit operations training
  • Controls set-up and tuning
  • Plant, process, and unit operations check-out, commissioning, and start-up assistance

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For almost 20 years, Thermal Kinetics has been a leading provider in process equipment, design, development, and engineering for the food and beverage, chemical, petrochemical, and biofuel industries, as well as many others. Specializing in separation, evaporation and heat/mass transfer solutions, we maintain a focus on innovative and energy saving techniques and technologies to help maximize both your productivity and ROI.

To learn more about Thermal Kinetics and the field services we offer our partners, contact us today.