Thermal Kinetics’ plate evaporation technologies are utilized for a variety of processes:


  • Evaporation with foam control
  • Solvent stripping and recovery
  • Small compact skid assemblies
  • Highly viscous process fluids

The benefits of a PSE system include:

  • Low hold-up, easy cleaning
  • Good foaming and fouling control
  • Installs in low head room areas
  • Can be designed as a high velocity shearing evaporator or fully suppressed boiling evaporator depending on the application.

Instead of tube and shell heat exchangers, framed plates are used as the heating surface. The plate unit can be employed as a wide gap style, a narrow gap for high shear, or a customized plate evaporator from available suppliers. In these units a product plate and a steam plate are connected alternately.

Since the plate package can be opened easily, surfaces can be inspected, individual plates can be changed if necessary, and the evaporation rate can be altered by adding or removing individual plates.