Thermal Kinetics offers a number of industrial crystallizer design options covering inorganic salts, precipitates, and a wide range of industrial chemicals. Thermal Kinetics provides three types of crystallization processes:

  • by concentration
  • by cooling (under vacuum or with a heat exchanger)
  • by reaction or equilibrium displacement

We possess the expertise for all types of crystallization equipment: with total or partial classification, involving the recirculation of the magma, with or without settling zones.

Internal Pump Forced Circulation (IPFC) Evaporators

Tubular Surface or Vacuum Cooled Crystallizers are usually considered for materials having a solubility curve with a steep slope. Crystal size desired and the temperature level and nature of the solute usually determines if a vacuum or surface cooled unit is applied.

This design is recommended for large volume crystallization and large capacity partial site fabricated evaporators requiring vapor disengagement separators exceeding 14 to 16 feet in diameter. The evaporator calandria (heated section) is mounted under the vapor liquid separator and an axial flow pump housing comprises the bottom head of the calandria. The internal circulating pump eliminates expensive external piping and pressure loses as well as associated valves.