Chemical Industry

Thermal Kinetics offers customized specialty chemical process solutions. With superior concentration output, we provide energy efficient designs and integration for a number of applications, including:
- Agricultural Chemicals
- Fertilizers
- Fats, Oils, and Soap
- Inorganic Chemicals
- Organic Chemicals

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Food Processing Industry

A leading expert in fluid technologies and energy-saving processes, Thermal Kinetics can resolve the most challenging of food process applications. We partner with you throughout all phases of your project, serving various markets that include:
- Breweries and Distilleries
- Fruit Juice Processors
- Animal Byproducts and Rendering
- Fats and Oil Processors

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Renewable Fuels Industry

Thermal Kinetics is known throughout the fuel ethanol industry as a leader in developing energy-saving processes. With several successful plants in operation, we have a wide range of expertise in many renewable fuel applications, including:
- Alcohols (i.e. Ethanol, Methanol, Glycerol)
- Biopolymers (i.e. Polylactic Acid (PLA), Polyhydroxyalkanoates (PHA), etc)
- Chemicals Recovery from Algae Processes and more...

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Metal Processing Industry

With proven experience to meet all Mill Coolant Carbon Chain Properties, Thermal Kinetics utilizes hot oil scrubber process systems, which are perfect for new projects, modernization, or retrofit projects. Typical equipment for the metal processing industry includes:
- Scrubber Columns with Packing and Distributor
- Deaeration Columns with Packing and Distributor
- Distillation Columns with Structured Packing, Support Grids, and Distributors
- Hot Oil Heated Bayonet Immersion Heater Reboilers
- Overhead Condensers
- Heat Exchangers for Preheating and Heavy Cooling
- Pumps and more...

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Pharmaceutical Industry

Thermal Kinetics works to deliver distillation, steam stripping / distillation, evaporation, and scrubber equipment for the pharmaceutical industry. Some examples of our experience in this market include:
- Solvent Recovery – High value solvents are recovered using rectification/distillation techniques.
- Process Waste Water Solvent Removal – In this process, solvents are removed from process waste water to remove BOD charges, and recover solvents for further processing.
- Concentrating Process Liquors – Water is removed to concentrate high boiling solvents or non-boilers using evaporation units.
- Gas Scrubbing – Liquid/Liquid contact scrubbers are used to reduce emissions.

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