Featured Industrial Manufacturing Project:

Heavy Oil Scrubber System Addition


 Location: Louisville, KY  Date Started: July 15, 2011  Date Completed: December 20, 2013
Thermal Kinetics provided:

  • Engineering Services
  • Contractor for Equipment
Thermal Kinetics Patents & Trade Secrets Applied: 

  • Oil Characterization
  • Heavy Oil Scrubbing/Distillation Simulation


Project Details

This project was installed at a foil plant to recover rolling oil and clean exhaust air from the mills. Thermal Kinetics supplied a Heavy Oil Scrubbing and Distillation system with a design air flow rate of 60,000 CFM, rolling oil entrained at a flow of 153 lb/hr and temperature range of 60°F to 105°F. Allowable oil concentration in the scrubbed air is <50 mg/m3, including both mist and vapor phase. The quality of the distilled rolling oil will be equivalent to new oil, Magiesol 44, with an initial boiling point of 432 °F and boiling range from 432 °F to ~ 468 °F.   Thermal Kinetics developed a simulation of scrubber oil and rolling oil compositions based on supplier published boiling point data and using this simulated composition developed a process simulation model for the plant indicating 25 mg/m3. After installation, an emission testing the result was closely confirmed at 27 mg/m3.

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