Advanced Bioeconomy Leadership Conference on Next Generation Technologies

Thermal Kinetics is a proud sponsor of the Advanced Bioeconomy Leadership Conference on Next Generation Technologies (ABLC NEXT). This year’s event takes place on October 16-18th at Hotel Nikko in San Francisco, CA.

ABLC NEXT is a connected series of five conferences on the most significant issues currently happening in the Bioeconomy. The conferences are:

  1. The Advanced Fuels Summit —This year’s event focuses on Advanced Biomass Diesel, BioCrude, Advanced Alcohols and Alternatives to gasoline.
  2. The Renewable Chemicals & Biomaterials Summit —This conference focuses on Novel Performance Chemicals and Advanced Packaging.
  3. The Sustainable Brands Summit — Learn all about the technologies deployed by major brands as well as their distribution, communications and performance goals.
  4. The Advanced Nutrition Summit — This conference is all about the advanced products and technologies for human and animal nutrition, focusing on healthier food and better customer choice options.
  5. The BioFrontiers Summit — With this conference, you’ll learn from leading technology developers and labs about the 30 most compelling technologies and solutions ready for development and commercialization today.

At ABLC Next, attendees will have the chance to meet application and platform developers for the newest technologies of the advanced Bioeconomy, from AgTech and big data to health and nutrition to chemicals and robotics. ABLC Next is an excellent networking opportunity that offers not only the five valuable conferences but also one-on-one consultations with renowned Fuel Ethanol experts.

Our team of experts here at Thermal Kinetics has been providing full-service process equipment, engineering, process development and design services to the Fuel Ethanol and Biofuels industries since 1999. We welcome the opportunity to show you how we can improve the overall efficiency of your ethanol plant facility.

Download the TK Fuel Ethanol Library for technical literature publications on the latest in everything Fuel Ethanol. You can also contact our team for any inquiries. See you at this year’s ABLC NEXT!

Download the Fuel Ethanol Library

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